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BHSc (Naturopathy) Masters AppSc (Acupunture) In Training

English & Vietnamese

About me

I have fascinated with understanding the energetic nature of the constitution of each and every unique individual and how this presents in their physical body, whereby I have the qualifications to prescribe herbal, nutritional, lifestyle and energy medicine to my patients. Through my own health challenges in the past, I have gained the tools to overcome many health obstacles. I am here to help you regain vitality and empower your health journey. I have a special interest in (but not limited to): - gut health and digestive complaints - skin health - immune health including hayfever, colds and flus, recurring infections - mental health including anxiety + depression - nervous system regulation including stress management + sleep support - emotional health + energetic medicine using modalities including iridology, homeopathy and flower essences. My aim to is empower and activate the healer within you!

How we’ll connect

What to expect

Your initial consultation is about exploring current health goals, presenting symptoms, past medical history, medications & nutritional supplements, diet & lifestyle factors to understand your unique health presentation. At the end of this consultation, I will summarise a treatment plan and how this will support you. We may discuss further pathology testing unique to you if relevant.