Vanessa - Authentic Awareness

Educating and helping busy, tired women reconnect with their sexuality, self-image and partner.

Vanessa - Authentic Awareness


Masters in HIV, STIs and Sexual Health - University of Sydney

About me

I'm an experienced professional with a passion for empowering and supporting busy, tired women in their journey towards reconnecting with their sexuality, self-image, and partner. With a Masters in HIV, STIs, and Sexual Health from the University of Sydney, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise. I am dedicated to helping women navigate the challenges and complexities of their sexual health. I'm a leading expert on postpartum and menopause transition sexual health. My approach is based in education, providing valuable insights and tools to enhance sexual well-being and enrich healthy relationships. As a mum, I understand the demands of modern life and the impact it can have on our intimate life. That's why I offer a safe and non-judgmental space where women can explore their desires, address any concerns, and gain the confidence they need to fully embrace their authentic selves. Take control of your sensuality and welcome confidence, good health and energy into your life.

How we’ll connect

What to expect

I am a solution-focused therapist. My goal is to get you where you want to be by providing expert factual advice and practical, tailored tools. My aim is to understand your individual concerns by discussing a range of topics. These may include your general health, family and cultural beliefs about sex, and your current or past relationships. Honesty is essential for a successful journey. Welcome to my open and safe space to ease your tension.