Emily Duncan

A sexologist providing sessions to help individuals and partners cultivate sexual wellness.

Emily Duncan


Graduate Diploma Of Sexology Bachelor Of Psychological Science Graduate Certificate Of Counselling (currently Studying)

About me

I am a professional sexologist based in Geelong, Australia, dedicated to assisting individuals and partners in nurturing their sexual wellness. With a passion for understanding and enhancing human sexuality, I offer personalised sessions that aim to empower and educate. Equipped with a Graduate Diploma in Sexology and a Bachelor's degree in Psychological Science, I bring a comprehensive understanding of the psychological, social, physiological aspects of human sexuality. I firmly believe that open and honest communication is the key to a fulfilling and satisfying sex life, and I strive to create a safe and non-judgmental environment for my clients. Currently, I am further expanding my knowledge and skills by pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Counselling.

How we’ll connect

What to expect

Expect to be guided through your reason for presenting. I will ask about your prior sexual and life experiences that are connected to your presenting issue. I will provide education, support and tools (homefun!) to help you navigate your sexuality and relationships.