Emily Smith

I can help you improve your physical AND mental health using simple, effective strategies and tools.

Emily Smith


Bachelor of Science (Nutrition Science) from The University Of Sydney

About me

With a passion for promoting holistic well-being, I’m dedicated to helping you enhance your physical and mental health using proven, simple, yet powerful strategies and tools. I have an extensive foundation of knowledge in the field, having worked with many nutritionists and dietitians, and have completed a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science at Sydney University. I aim to empower my clients to achieve their individual health goals and make a healthy lifestyle achievable, realistic and enjoyable, instead of restrictive and overwhelming. I’ll help you prioritise the strategies that actually make a powerful difference, and save time and money on those that don’t. Create a healthier and happier lifestyle today when you work with me!

How we’ll connect

What to expect

Expect evidence-based, scientifically proven strategies that actually work and create lasting, positive, sustainable change to improve your health. I’ll make nutrition easy, enjoyable and empowering instead of complicated and consuming or restrictive, and I’ll support you in improving your relationship with your body, food and exercise while pursuing your individual health goals.