Jamie Bucirde

I specialise in pleasure, sexual exploration & wellbeing, helping you have your best sex life

Jamie Bucirde


Sexology Degree At Curtin University (graduate 2023)


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About me

I am a qualified Sexologist, Relationships & Sexuality Educator and Sex/intimacy coach. I work with humans on pleasure, body confidence, sexual health and wellbeing, relationships and intimacy. Outside of one on one sessions, I am the founder and head Sexologist of On the Cusp, and work as a consent and intimacy coordinator and sexuality educator for a vast range of industries including film & tv, the arts, festivals & hospitality. I am currently employed by the University of Melbourne creating a case study on sexual harassment culture within hospitality and write a fortnightly Sex Column for CityMag. I combine a best practise and evidence based, sex positive approach, with holistic sexuality practises to tailor myself to find the needs of each individual. I am here to help support you have your best sex life!

How we’ll connect

What to expect

You can expect a sex positive, non judgemental approach to understand your needs and how I can best help you. I start a session off with a questionnaire to understand your current sexual issues or concerns, aswell as a background on your life and any factors that may contribute. From there, we’ll work together to create an environment that supports you and through a combination of education, coaching and holistic approaches.