Sexuality therapy and education, for you or someone you care for.



M.Counselling. Post-Grad Dip.. Forensic Sexology, BA. Comms

About me

Welcome! I am a warm, non-judgemental and highly experienced professional in the field of sexuality therapy and education. I firmly believe that sexuality knowledge is the key to confidence, respect, empowerment and safety. As a Forensic Sexologist with a Master of Counselling, I tune to people’s individuality and circumstance. We are all unique. I do a lot of work with neurodivergent clients also, especially young people who miss out on key sexuality education. Whether you are seeking guidance on sexual health, trying to understand your body or identity, or looking to improve intimacy in your relationships, I am here to help, I work in an evidenced-based, humanistic model. This means I meet you where you are at in your journey, and use strategies and resources that suit you, and which are tried and tested. Together, we will work towards enhancing your understanding, confidence, and overall well-being in matters relating to your relationships and sexuality. I am excited to ta

How we’ll connect

What to expect

Our first call will be a bit of Q and A, essentially you'll let me know where you are at and what you'd like help with. For many, talking about sexuality issues does not come easy. That's ok! We'll get there together.